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In brief

  • I have 35 years of international experience as a Teacher, a Head of the Studies & a language school Director.

  • I give today individual French lessons via Video Conference to diplomats and foreign experts posted all over Europe.

  • I teach at the intermediate and advanced levels (B & C).

  • We work on authentic documents: Press articles, Radio bulletins & TV news.

  • The documents focus on French News (Economy, Society, Politics & Culture).

  • They are accompanied with a series of interactive language exercises, with an emphasis on speaking, to be prepared in-between 2 lessons.

  • Our meetings are 100% flexible: You never miss a lesson!

  • The price is 60 € for 60 min (private persons and offices).

  • I am working with invoice, and I send, at the end of each training session, an attestation with a detailed description of all the lessons taken.

Your Course

Intermediate and Advanced Levels

  • I teach both at the intermediate level (B1/B2) and at the advanced level (C1/C2), for those who already speak French very well and want to improve & maintain their level in a language they have little opportunity to use daily.

  • IMPORTANT: To get the most out of this course, the students must already have a good A2 level: They must already be able to hold short conversations and read short press articles without too much difficulty.

Authentic documents

  • We work on authentic documents: Press articles, Radio bulletins & TV news.

  • These documents are provided with a vocabulary list (with translations in English) as well as a detailed discovery questionnaire to be prepared in-between 2 lessons.

  • They focus on French News (Economy, Society, Politics & Culture).

Exercises with an emphasis on speaking

  • In-between 2 lessons, you prepare a series of interactive exercises adapted to your needs (morphology, syntax, vocabulary & idiomatic expressions, pronunciation, writing & spelling, at your choice).

  • Most of the grammar exercises are oral exercises presented in a "Question / Answer" format: You will learn to master the French grammatical structures while speaking!

How does a lesson work?

  • Each 60 min lesson starts with a short conversation about your recent activities.
  • We then study the document with the help of the discovery questionnaire that you have prepared.
  • Afterwards, we have a free short conversation about the the issues raised by the document.
  • This conversation is followed by the interactive correction of the oral exercises that you have prepared.
  • Finally, I present the document and the exercises to be prepared for the next meeting.

Note that the language corrections and input that have been given during each lesson are systematically reviewed during the next lesson.

Our meetings are 100% flexible:

You never miss a lesson!

  • The 60 min meetings (once or twice a week, at your choice) are agreed upon one week in advance with the possibility to reschedule, even at short notice.

  • If you prefer, you can book weekly time slots, with the same flexibility as above.

  • With these videoconferencing lessons Euro-commuters can continue their training on a regular basis wherever they are, e.g., in Brussels and in their home country or during their business trips!

  • I work Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. (Paris time).

  • I am usually on vacation for 2 weeks at Easter & Christmas and from mid-July to the end of August as well.


  • Lessons are invoiced (to private persons or to offices) 60 euros for 60 minutes.

  • You may pay for a 5, 10 or more -hour session (depending, for example, on your office’s allowance) or pay at the end of each month.

  • My activity is registered in France (SIREN n° 421 699 182): I work with invoice, and I send, at the end of each training session, an attestation with a detailed description of all the lessons taken.

  • My service is exempt of VAT under the terms of Article 293 B of the French General Tax Code.

  • I accept students who live outside the EU, provided that they pay their invoice by SEPA credit transfer.

Your Teacher

Yves Capra has worked as a teacher, a teacher trainer, a course or school director, a language course designer and a lecturer for:

  • The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ cultural services (Colombia, Morocco, Denmark).

  • The Eurocentres Foundation (Centres Européens Langues et Civilisation, Zürich) in France (La Rochelle & Paris).

● He is the founder of:

  • "French for Business" (Paris, 1998-2003), a service dedicated to corporate executives.

  • "French for EU Public Affairs" (Brussels, 1996 - 2003), a service dedicated to the staff of the representation bureaus & missions to the European Union.

  • "French for International Affairs" (Europe, 2020), this service via Video Conference.

● Since 2009, he works too as an independent editor ("France e-Learning Editions"):

  • "French for International Affairs: EU Public Affairs & International Relations" - 2012 (CD-ROM, discontinued).

  • "News of France: Politics & Society" - 2013 (CD-ROM, discontinued).

  • A series of e-Learning Mobile Apps available on Google Play & Amazon Appstore.

● He has also lived, worked, or studied during long periods in Seoul, Stockholm & Malmö, Washington, Geneva and Algiers.

● Born in Normandy, he holds a Master's degree in Classics (French, Latin, Ancient Greek) from the University of Caen, France and a Master’s degree in Baltic Sea Region Studies with a specialization in International Relations from Södertörns Högskola, Sweden.

● He speaks English (C1) & Spanish (B2, a long time ago) and read German (B2), Swedish (C1) and Danish (B2).

My clients

● I work with a wide range of foreign professionals:

  • Consultants & Euro-commuters in Brussels, Luxembourg, Geneva, or Paris.

  • Corporate Executives, Diplomats and Journalists in French-speaking countries.

  • Staff of International organizations: OECD, UNESCO, EU institutions, WTO, OSCE...

  • Experts & Diplomats posted in missions to International organizations.

● Since spring 2020 I have been working via Video Conference with clients posted in Brussels, Paris, Geneva, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Vienna, Warsaw, and Washington.

● This course has been offered face-to-face in the past in Paris & Copenhagen to corporate managers and in Brussels, with a special focus on EU Policies, to experts working in national, regional and corporate representations to the EU.

● My clients in Paris and Brussels (“French for Business & European Public Affairs” / 1996-2003): Stora Enso France, Sony Europe, BT Brussels Representation Office, Touchstone Europe, the Financial Times, Dow Jones International, Reuters, the UK and Finnish Representations to the EU, German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH) Representation to the EU, and Regional Representations to the EU from Sweden (West Sweden), Denmark (Aarhus, Aalborg, South Denmark, West Zealand), the UK (Scotland Europa, Scottish Executive) and Netherlands (East Netherlands Provinces).

Yves Capra

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