Interactive French Course

Level A1 (Beginner)


France e-Learning Editions offers you

a series of modules to develop your

listening & speaking skills in French.



● Each module comprises 30 oral and auto-corrective exercises in the form of « Questions / Answers » (around 550).

► It corresponds to ± 12 hours of intensive training.


Preparation for the DELF

Modules 1 to 4 ("First Meeting") help you, particularly, to prepare for the DELF A1/A2 "interview" (Diplôme Élémentaire de Langue Française).


A well-tried method

Engage in a "micro-dialog" in French with your computer, your tablet or your smartphone!

► Listen to a question, answer according to the model and check.

● These micro-dialogs will enable you to understand a French speaker, and to answer using - on a systematic way - the useful grammatical structures and vocabulary.

► You will improve your pronunciation with a native speaker: Some 650 sound bites per module, all with transcriptions!


Help pages

● You can consult help pages specific to each exercise:


● And a wide range of other help pages:


Interface & translations in 5 languages

● The interface is available in English, German, Swedish, Spanish and Italian.

● All the models, all the explanations and all the vocabulary come with translations in 5 languages.


3 versions to download

from Amazon Store

● An on-line « Android » application for smartphone & tablet.

● An on-line « Kindle Fire » application for smartphone & tablet.

● An off-line « Kindle Fire » application for smartphone & tablet.

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1 version to download

from Google Play Store

● An on-line application for smartphone & tablet.

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Available modules

MODULE 1: Name, age, birthdate, family situation, children, profession, phone number.

Coming soon:

MODULE 2: Nationality, country, language, city, address.

MODULE 3: Physical appearance, colour of eyes & hair, weight & height,  character, feelings & health, education.

MODULE 4: Favourite food, meals, music, sports & holidays.

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Free Demos

You can try a free sample of 3 exercises:

● On-line, from this website.

● Or by downloading the demo apps

from the Stores.

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